July 02, 2012

Breast Implants

By Roberta L Gartside, MD, FACS


What does it mean to have breast implants?

Breast implants are used in several different types of surgery. The surgery most people think of first is breast enlargement or breast augmentation. Breast Implants are also used to give women back a fullness or firmness to the breast that has been lifted following significant weight loss or after pregnancy. In addition, implants account for a significant percentage of breasts that are reconstructed following a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

If you find that you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts then breast augmentation is a choice to consider. Breast implant surgery is the only permanent way to enlarge the breasts along with increase fullness and projection; breast enlargement can put the body back into proportion. So when a woman feels better about her body image then it is possible to also have improved self-image and self-confidence. Breast implants do you correct severely sagging or drooping breasts. If your breasts are very droopy, particular after pregnancy and breast feeding, then a breast lift with implants may be an option for you.

They have to be replaced every ten years! That is not true. If they are no broke, don’t fix. Implant are a mechanical device, and like any mechanical device we do not expect them to last forever but as long as they are doing what they need to do then there is no need to change. I feel one of the reasons the ten year replacement came to be is because implant come with a warranty. The manufacturers of implants stand behind their products and should an implant break and require replace they will send a new implant to replace the old for free over one’s lifetime. Because replacement requires an operation, there are costs involved and for up to ten years, manufacturers have helped defray cost by reimbursing part of the expense. That being said, there is a difference in the breakage rates of implants. Saline implants break more often that silicone. You can find more information out about this by going to www.plasticsurgery.org.

Until now, the only approved breast implants available to all plastic surgeons in the United States have been round. Now, with the recent FDA approval of Sientra’s breast implants, Plastic Surgeons, in the United States, have available to them an innovative and more extensive portfolio of breast implants, including shaped implants. With the entry of this third company on the breast implant market, both physician and patient alike have a much boarder spectrum of choices. The Silimed-brand has a 33 year successful worldwide history of manufacturing silicone based products for the medical market. In addition, you will know that if your surgeon is using a Sientra implant then they are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as the company has committed to only release their implants to ABMS Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Most importantly, you have to decide for yourself if this is right for you. Seeing a plastic surgeon can help you get the information needed for you individually. You should not be doing this to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image that does not truly reflect who you are as a person. Breast Implant Surgery may be for you then if you are physically healthy, have realistic expectations, are bothered or concerned by the feeling your breasts are too small, are dissatisfied with the shape and size of your breasts or have uneven breasts.

At New Image Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gartside will thoroughly reviewed your medial history, discussed your goals and based on your physically examination, given you a recommendation on the type of surgery and implant.

Find out if you are a candidate for Sientra’s Form Stable Silicone Gel Shaped Implants.

Dr. Gartside is currently offering $1,000 DOLLARS OFF BREAST IMPLANT SURGERY. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gartside and mention this article. Please visit www.gartside.com or call New Image Plastic Surgery at (703) 742-8004.

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About Roberta L Gartside, MD, FACS


Roberta L. Gartside, MD, FACS is certified by the
American Board of Plastic Surgery and with over 25
years in practice, Dr. Roberta Gartside is one of the most experienced and highly sought-after plastic surgeons in the area. In addition to offering patients a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures, she also offers
outpatient skincare treatments such as fillers, like Botox, and lasers, including the Gentle Waves Skin Fitness System™ - a breakthrough LED light treatment therapy that helps rejuvenate aging skin. While patients certainly appreciate Dr. Gartside’s vast experience and offerings, they also place great value in the time she and her
gregarious staff take to explain each and
every option available to them.

Committed to upholding the utmost standards in her specialty, in addition to working on the medical staff at Fairfax Hospital, Fair Oaks Hospital and Reston Hospital Center, Dr. Gartside has served
as Vice President of Membership and Communications for the American Society of Plastic Surgery and as a Board Representative of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. She has also worked with Operation Smile and the Fairfax Skindeep Tattoo Removal Program in the past.

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