November 02, 2011

Specialized Memory Care - Taking Resident Care Beyond Traditional Assisted Living

By Sandra Fields

The Great Falls Difference

At Great Falls we counsel families every day who are faced with making major decisions for their loved one diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. At first glance traditional assisted living may seem to be the best, most affordable option. But we invite you to make further considerations: bring the tough questions to us and let us show you how memory care, by design, can reconnect relationships and revitalize the senses.

What is a specialized memory care community? What difference can it make for my loved one? Why is memory care, by design, the best choice? What is the value of treating the whole person, not just taking care of the basic daily needs? What can added emotional support mean for me and my loved one?

At Great Falls we know what a person with memory loss needs to regain confidence, experience joy, and to live inspiring moments every day. Memory loss can be devastating for families and requires treatment by a team that truly cares. We are focused not only on the resident’s daily needs, but how life-long relationships with family members are vital to the care and treatment of the entire individual. The following list can help assist a person with memory loss live their fullest life:

• A scheduled daily routine that provides consistency and structure
• A caring, conscientious team that is skilled and knowledgeable about the different types of diseases that can cause memory loss and how to develop personalized care plans
• A patient, interactive team that offers flexibility, encouragement, a listening ear, as well as direction to guide daily tasks
• A supportive, personalized approach that maintains dignity as memory loss progresses
• A nutritious, delicious dining experience that nourishes the body and entices the taste buds
• A community that promotes independence just by the nature of the building design itself, allowing for the freedom to explore the centralized town center or visits to friends living in another neighborhood
• A Life Enrichment Program that centers around stimulating the senses through art, music, dance, exercise, baking and cooking activities, word building games, outings and more.
• A connection with nature through safe, easily accessible wander-gardens, courtyards, covered porches with rocking chairs, and observation spots to view birds and butterflies
• A community that offers comfortable, cozy places to relax, experience quiet time or personally engage with other residents and family members
• A team that offers reassurance, answers and hope not only to the person with memory loss but to their family and friends as well
• And most of all, a loving and safe home

Great Falls is proud to provide all of this and more to each of our residents and their families. We invite you to see for yourself. Call us today at (703) 421-0690 with any question you have or schedule a personal tour of our community, meeting our team and view memory care by design through the eyes of our wonderful residents. We look forward to your visit and serving as a resource for your memory care needs.

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About Sandra Fields


Sandra is the Marketing Coordinator and Admissions Counselor for Great Falls Assisted Living.

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